EU projects

Project name:

Improving the competitiveness and efficiency of MICK d.o.o. through information and communication technology (ICT)


Contract No



Name of tender for delivery of project proposals

Improving the competitiveness and efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through information and communication technology (ICT) – 2


Total project amount

1.091.974,48 HRK


Eligible project costs

813.569,98 HRK


Total amount of support granted

528.820,48 HRK


Project duration

06.12.2018. to 06.06.2020.


Contact person

Ivan Florijan

[email protected]

+385 51 207 930


Short description and the aim of the project


MICK d.o.o. for its particular business operations is introducing new (advanced) system of following business operations due to being present throughout the territory of Republic of Croatia, as well as abroad. In order to successfully maintain the promptness and quality of services provided, the company has invested significant funds in procurement of IT equipment and software. With this project it is aiming to improve the following business processes: human resource management, finance and accounting, logistics, marketing, purchase, sales, strategic planning and risk management. The new solutions will improve direct communication among all employees, but it will also strengthen the relations with the key partners. By investing in implementation of information system (both hardware and software) it will increase the competitiveness of the production, as well as cut costs by better tracking of the inputs and optimization of all the business functions within the company.

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